iSEO offers Google Ads (Adwords) or Google PPC (pay-per-click) advertising | SEM services.

Google Ads, Adwords,  is the best search engine provider that offers advertising at a cost per click, meaning that Google only charges when someone clicks on an ad. Traffic then goes to your website. More than 99% of people in Thailand use Google search engine to find information they need.  When we advertise on Google Ads, we put our business on the best place to the search results on Google.

SEM | Search Engine Marketing

SEM, search engine marketing, is a very powerful marketing tool. Google Ads can target efficiently and can be measured. When we advertise on Google Ads, we put our business on the best place to the search results on Google.  Your website ranking will increase possibility for customer to click on the ad.  Nowadays, there is high competition in online business. SEM advertising has become more important as effective online tool.

SEM will make your website stand out from your competitor and increase chances of competing with competitors who do the same products and services. Google advertising program, Google Ads, can help you reach to new customers who are also looking for your products and services. SEM can help grow your business. You can control your ads by choosing date, time even controlling your own daily budget. Also, you can start, start or end your advertising campaign any time you would like.

If your website doesn’t appear on search engines such as Google.  Advertising on Google Ads will be a quick answer that will help your business website be discovered online.

Advantages of SEM (Google Ads) | Search Engine Marketing

  • SEM advertising helps your website appear on the first page of search engine such as Google. This will be a quick way to have your ads on the internet.
  • SEM adverting helps promoting your business on almost every pages on the search engine, depending on your budget and keywords set.

  • SEM adverting helps you reduce your work load on you search marketing.
  • SEM advertising helps you same cost on controlling budget. In case, nobody clicks on your ad, you won’t have to pay for any click for the ad.